Product Warranty Terms and Conditions:
1. WAVV provides 10-year limited warranty for your WAVV mattress. The warranty period starts from the date of purchase.

2. The warranty cannot be transferred to others, and only covers the customer who originally purchased the mattress. The customer must be the owner of the product for the warranty to be effective.

3. The customer is responsible for the transportation costs related to replacement of mattress.

4. WAVV has the final right to decide the replacement model.

5. Removal of inner cover voids the warranty immediately. If there is any sign that suggests that the inner cover had been remover, WAVV has the final right to determine warrant’s effectiveness.

6. Please kindly email for any enquiry related to your warranty, we shall assist you as soon as possible.
Warranty Covers:
Manufacturing defects of foam: Warranty covers only structural or manufacturing defects of foam, i.e. dents of 1.5 inches or more before any usage.
Does not include wear and tear damages from usage.
The Warranty Does Not Cover the Following:
・Bed covers, including any stains, mold or burn marks, etc.

・Damage caused by improper use or handling, including soiling, burning, staining, man-made damage or improper maintenance, including sitting on the edge of the bed, folding, standing up, or twisting the mattress, or standing or jumping on the mattress.

・The damage of the mattress due to the improper use of a wrong size bed frame, bed frame with poor support (such as a net bottom frame or a "spare rib" frame with a pitch wider than 40mm).

・Minor production or appearance defects that do not affect primary usage of sleeping, such as small uneven stitches on the bed cover.

・Shipping, inspection, and handling costs related to the warranty service.

・Products that have been modified or repaired without the approval of WAVV.