Unboxing and Maintenance
1. How to unbox my WAVV mattress?
Answer:Only 5 simple steps, you can enjoy the excellent sleeping experience provided by WAVV.
- You can use your mattress as soon as it expanded. Please note that it may take up to 72 hours for the mattress to inflate to original size.
- As each mattress may have spent a different amount of time being compressed, there may be slight variances to each product’s dimensions. These should not affect the quality of the mattress or its usability.

2. What type of bed frame should I use for my WAVV mattress?
Answer:WAVV mattress can be used on any clean and stable surface for better experience, including platform bed frame, bed slate (spacing should not exceed 3.5 cm) or directly on the floor.Generally, the bed frame will be marked with the corresponding size of the mattress, and the size table of the WAVV mattress can be purchased. The maximum acceptable size difference is 1 inch.
1. Can I clean my bed cover?
Answer:WAVV bed cover can be cleaned with washing machine, neutral cleaning agents and cold water. Please avoid using bleach and ironing at high temperature to avoid shrinkage or deformation.

2. How to clean my mattress?
Answer:We strongly recommends that you do not attempt to remove the inner cover and clean the foam core by yourself. And do not use corrosive cleaning agents to clean the mattress as it may cause structural damage.
If you need to clean the stains, please find the relevant mattress cleaning experts for assistance. In addition, we also recommends the use of sheets and mattress cover to avoid direct wetting of your mattress with water or other liquids to prevent dirt and mold and keep the mattress clean.
Order and delivery
1. Where can I purchase WAVV’s product?
Answer: WAVV Mattress is available at our official website: www.wavv.life. You could also purchase it at our showroom in Kwun Tong, address: Unit D, 17/F, World Tech Centre, 95 How Ming Street, Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong.

2. Is there any where I can try WAVV’s product?
Answer: We understand it is important for you to have a touch of the product before purchase, please kindly visit our showroom for experiencing WAVV’s product. 

3. I could not complete the purchase online, what should I do?
Answer: If you have any problem purchasing online, please +85239734308, whatsapp+1(928)668-2628 or email to info@wavv.life to contact us, we will help you to complete the purchase.

4. I need to change my order, what should I do?
Answer: Please kindly contact our customer service for all order changes (e.g. address change, mattresses size changes, payment changes, cancellation, or delivery dates etc.).
1. How long does it take for my product to deliver?
Answer: Default delivery for products in stock will be within 3 to 7 working days after order confirmation.

2. Do I need to pay for shipping?
Answer: We provide free shipping in Hong Kong for any order over HKD 500. Additional charges for far area/special locations may apply.

3. My building has no lift. Will there be any stair charges for mattress delivery?
Answer: If your building does not have an elevator, there may be delivery surcharges. Please kindly contact us after submitting your order and we will follow up your delivery arrangements for you.

4. Can I change the delivery address after order confirmation?
Answer: Yes, change of delivery address is available. Please kindly contact our customer support for making the change.

5. Can I choose a specific date for the product to be delivered?
Answer: Yes, it is possible to specify the delivery date and time (morning or afternoon) in the remarks column before checkout, and we will arrange delivery according to your requested time.
Returns and Exchanges
1. Can I return my WAVV products if I don’t like it?
Answer:We understand you don’t truly know whether a product is right for you until you sleep on it. Therefore, we offer a 100-night trial for all our products. You can try them for a full 100 nights in your own home before deciding if you're happy with your purchase. If you don’t love it, we’ll refund you.
For more details, please refer to the terms and conditions of the 100 Nights Trial Scheme.
1. Can I exchange my WAVV products?
Answer: When we confirm that your product have any of the following quality problems, we will replace them with new ones of the same type immediately.

   - Any quality problems due to the production process, e.g. foam sculpturing problems
   - Any quality problems of the foams, e.g. sagging

2.  Do I have to bear the delivery fee if I need to exchange my WAVV products?
Answer: If the products confirm involving any of the above-mentioned quality problems, WAVV will pay for the delivery costs.